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Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia bashes netizens for trolling them over age gap and religion

Bigg Boss power couple Eijaz and Pavitra are one of the most talked-about couples in the tinsel town. Today, in a recent conversation with Pinkvilla the couple opened up a lot about their relationship.

In an interview, actor Eijaz said, “We do, we are normal. We discuss everything. There have been fingers pointed at us because of me being 46 and she is almost 14 years younger to me. Sometimes valid fingers, sometimes it’s none of their business And if they made it their business and they are speaking from space of care I could have acknowledged that but most of the time it is nobody’s business. We will figure it out. When it comes to religion people come on our Instagram and leave a comment. Sometimes we do feel bad. But I think that those insults or stupidity is like someone is giving me something and it should not affect me if I am not taking it (logon ko shayad kam kaam hai jo humare instagam pe aake ya shayad apni vishesh tipaniyan chor jate hai. Kabhi kabhi bura bhi lagta hai lekin I think main vo insults ko ya uss stupidity ko main aisa leta hu jaise koi mujhe kuch de raha hai aur agar main use nai le raha hai tu mujhe fark nai panda chahiye.)”

He further adds, “I ignore it (Toh main ignore kar deta hu). And yes if it is directed towards her in a bad way then my blood boils. I think whether I should react or am I giving more attention which he wants eventually (Mujhe lagta hai main react karu kya fir mujhe lagta hai main usko zyada attention de raha hu. I mean negative attention hi chah rahe hai vo.) Then I don’t give (Toh nai karta hu main.) See those are fans and supporters. Now it comes to our family those are the people who matters and none of them have issue.

On this Pavitra said, “In this situation for me it is a win-win situation. I have got really mature man and 14 years elder to me and peaceful. He knows way better and age is not at all issue for us.”

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