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Effective Drug for Dengue to be Launched Soon

Effective stimulantalluring for Dengue to be Launched Soon

Of late, Dengue has emerged out as a common cause of concern for Indian people, which is nothing but a mosquito born viral disease. The victims of this disease have a good news for everyone. As the researchers from the University of Queensland has embarked with an effective kind of drug for this menace. Though there were some drugs found in the market but none of them were much effective to deal with the cases in the advance stage. The researchers are now planning to test this new medicine for the effective treatment of this menace very soon.

As per the researchers, they have found out that the dengue virus NS1 protein simply acts like a toxin inside the human body in a very same way the bacterial cells are seen over the wall products that lead to septic shock due to the bacterial infections. The new drug will address this problem in one of the best ways. Dengue, which has killed more than 400 million people in this world will now get an effective answer soon. Thanks to the research like this that will certainly help the people who become victim of this disease. This study was published in the popular journal called Science Translational Medicine.

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