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Dunki vs Salaar Clash Takes an Unpleasant Turn: Prabhas’ Film Pulls Out from Two Southern Theater Chains Due to Shah Rukh Khan

The Christmas box office battle between Prabhas’ Salaar and Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki heats up by the minute. This Friday, audiences will witness a clash of titans, with both films vying for cinematic supremacy. While advance bookings currently crown Dunki the early leader, the true winner remains a thrillingly open question.

However, a new twist in the saga has cast a shadow of controversy. As per media reports, the makers of Salaar have withdrawn the film from two major South Indian theatre chains, alleging their evident favoritism towards Dunki. This bold move raises eyebrows and fuels speculation about the intricacies of the box office game.

Does this withdrawal signal a desperate maneuver or a calculated strategic shift? Will it impact Salaar’s box office prospects, or galvanize its fanbase? Only time will tell. What’s certain is that the Christmas weekend movie wars just got a whole lot spicier, leaving cinephiles eagerly anticipating the final box office verdict.

Accusations of box office bias have erupted in the lead-up to the Christmas movie showdown between Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki and Prabhas’ Salaar. A report in Times Now News alleges that cinema chains PVR Inox and Miraj in the North have prioritized Dunki, allocating it significantly more screening slots than Salaar.

The makers of Salaar, frustrated by this perceived favouritism, have taken a dramatic step: withdrawing the film’s release from PVR Inox and Miraj in specific states. This bold move could reshape the box office battleground, leaving audiences wondering – will it sink Salaar’s chances or galvanize its supporters?

In response to accusations of favoritism towards Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki, Miraj Group CEO Amit Sharma downplayed the issue. Speaking to Times Now News, he stated that he’s unaware of any hurt feelings on the part of Salaar’s creators. He emphasized that in the business of cinema, allocating screen time ultimately rests with the exhibitor, based on audience preferences and data.

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