Dr Kshama Chandan explains the impact of smoking on oral health

Dr Kshama Chandan
Dr Kshama Chandan

Everybody knows that smoking wreaks havoc on your health. While your teeth may not be the first thing you think of when considering the dangers of smoking, any kind of tobacco use can bring about some serious damage to your mouth.

Smoking and tobacco use can be difficult to stop, even if you’ve tried before, there’s a good chance you didn’t stick to it which means you’re doing even more damage to your smile by continuing to use tobacco. Sadly, the longer you continue to smoke, the more damage you’re likely to inflict.

Dr Chandan very well explains how tobacco can harm your teeth and mouth, as well as how you can do your part to put an end to the harm.
Most people know that smoking can turn your pearly whites into not-quite-so whites over a period of time. Regular tobacco use, even if you’re not a pack-a-day smoker, can turn white teeth into ones that are yellow or brown. The more you smoke, the more likely you are to notice tooth discolouration quickly.

Smoking can not only cause large cavities but also have a severe impact on oral health and can cause oral cancer. Dr Kshama further says, “Smokers are most likely to produce bacterial plaque which leads weaker gums and gum diseases. Continuous smoking reduces the oxygen level in the bloodstream which later causes tooth loss in many cases. Years of consuming tobacco can cause periodontal diseases, which if left to fester for too long can spread to the tissue, cause bone loss and eventually tooth loss..”

To control the worsening of oral health, the dental surgeon strongly recommends scheduling regular appointments as directed by a dentist. Scaling, professional teeth cleaning and regular checkups are must for all the smokers to improve their oral health. The most important advice by Dr Chandan to all the smokers is to quit smoking and tobacco consumption altogether.

According to the research, people aged 15 and above consume tobacco in some or the other form. They either chew it or apply on their gums and teeth in different forms which is not a good sign at all. One of the most critical health risks is lung cancer, throat cancer and mouth cancer. “The lockdown is the ideal time to say no to smoking, vaping and consuming hookah. Rather you should invest time in brushing twice a day and flossing once every day”, Dr Kshama added. The dental surgeon who has pursued her Masters in Advanced Prosthodontics runs her private practice at The DentalWorx in Mumbai. Due to the pandemic, the dentist is conducting virtual consultations with her patients. To know more about her, check out her Instagram page, ‘@kshama3091’.

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