Dr. Aslam Gurukkal The energetic BJP National Leader

Dr. Aslam Gurukkal

In the current political scenario of India, the BJP government is ruling not just the country but also people’s hearts. One of the main reasons for that is having brilliant regional and national leaders who influence the masses with their connection to the normal people of the country. Dr. Aslam Gurukkal is one such national leader of BJP who has throughout the years made a special place in the common man’s heart.

Hailing from Banglore he has emerged as a powerful and reliable leader. Dr. Aslam comes from the prestigious Gurukkal family who is vastly known for its sound morals and robust ethics in private and personal life and their professional and business life too. His father Abdulla Assainar, who is a big well-known businessman of both India and Dubai. Their business has spread in multiple middle eastern countries such as Turkey etc. Coming from such a prestigious family has given him many benefits as he has traveled around the world in so many countries such as UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia, Turkey, Ukraine, London, USA, etc. This has helped him understand different countries’ culture and their ideology and political environment. This exposure to various cultures and his interest in knowing and observing has been one of the reasons he can speak multiple languages like Kannada, Malayalam Urdu, Hindi, and English so fluently. Aslam Gurukkal speaks of himself as a firm believer in the philosophy of Justice and Equality to all, Appeasement and Discrimination of none.”

Aslam Gurukkal is a visionary in modern politics. He is very humble, down to earth person with an optimistic approach and vision for the future. His youthful enthusiasm and soft-spoken behavior are the key features that get him connected to everyone. We can undoubtedly say that he is one of the most promising leaders in the current political environment of our country.

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