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“I don’t wait for Sundays in particular” Prashant Chawla

Prashant Chawla

The hot and young actor, Prashant Chawla had already capture many hearts with his role in Star Plus’ Gulmohar Grand. His character starer in shows like Madhubala on colors, Veera on Starplus and lifeok’ Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh, ended up impressing the viewers, and became famous among girls. Actors takes about Sunday with us.

We asked about how actor enjoys his Sunday, “The type of industry that we are in,there are no marked holidays and Sundays are just like any other day of the week. So to answer if I have been working the whole week and get the Sunday off, I like to spend it at home reading and chilling,probably go and meet some friends,otherwise work has always been a priority,” he quotes

If the smart man wait for sundays for any particular reason, he shares, “I don’t wait for Sundays in particular, the only day I wait for is Diwali probably because I  go to my  hometown and spend time with my parents.”

When asked about kind of food the dude plan for Sundays. He tells, “I am a very diet conscious person and hardly have any cheat day or cheat meals, otherwise home cooked food has always been my favorite and sometimes I ask my cook to make puri chole or stuffed Gobi paranthas and call my friends over and we enjoy.”

If actor enjoys visiting places over Sundays or weekends. He shares, “Yes, I like to visit new places ,make new friends be it a Sunday or not.”

Talking about if he feel likes to work on Sundays. He ends, “As I said, work has always been a priority and if the call is for work, be it a Sunday or not, doesn’t matter for me. Work is worship for me.”

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