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Don 3 Action Saga: Ranveer Singh and Kiara Advani Set to Commence Training in March with Thai Experts – Insider Insights

Ranveer Singh and Farhan Akhtar have set their sights on beginning production for the third installment of Don by August 2024. Kiara Advani has been officially announced as the lead actress, presumed to be playing Roma. The latest development reveals that the team is gearing up to kick off the project next month with action training, enlisting experts from Thailand. According to a report in Mid-Day, a source disclosed, “Ranveer and Kiara will commence their physical preparation, starting with agility training, from late March. Martial arts experts from Thailand have been brought on board.” Farhan Akhtar is eager to elevate the film’s action sequences.

The source added, “In recent years, Hindi cinema has witnessed a range of stylized action—from War [2019] to Pathaan [2023] and Fighter. Therefore, Farhan aims to infuse a fresh perspective into the action sequences. He has held extensive discussions with action choreographers from India and abroad to explore various possibilities. He intends to offer a unique action palette distinct from recent blockbuster offerings.”

Earlier in February 2024, a source informed Bollywood Hungama, “The film is currently in the casting stage. The pre-production for Don 3 is set to commence next month. The team will then commence shooting the film from August this year. The first two Don movies had unexpected twists, and likewise, Don 3 is rumored to have surprises in store for the audience.”

Recent reports have also detailed the substantial budget for the film. According to a source close to the project, Don 3 will be the most expensive film in the franchise. “While Don 1 and Don 2 with Shah Rukh Khan were made on modest budgets, Farhan Akhtar aims to create a global film with Don 3. The vision for Don 3 is not only to compete with action films in India but also to make a global impact on a grand scale. Don 3 is Farhan’s endeavor to craft a global action thriller, and there’s no one better than Ranveer Singh to lead the franchise into the new era,” the source revealed.

The budget for Don 3 is estimated at Rs. 275 crore, excluding print and publicity expenses. “The action has been conceptualized in a way that positions Don 3 on par with the Spy Universe. However, what sets Don 3 apart from other Indian action films is the protagonist, who embodies shades of negative elements,” the source further elaborated.

The franchise’s first film, Don, released in 2006 and produced by Excel Entertainment, was a remake of director Chandra Barot’s classic Don, starring Amitabh Bachchan, released in 1978. Subsequently, Don 2 continued the story of the feared Don.

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