Doctor Ethan: The YouTuber you must follow to know how’s life in medicine

Doctor Ethan

The decision to go to medical school is sometimes not the easiest one to make. Young people may consider it for years before committing and signing up for a career in medicine. While tremendously rewarding, it is a steep path full of hard work and commitment to get through the rigorous academic qualifications required to pass. Many young people dream of being doctors, but too often, that dream is dashed when the requirements appear out of a reach. Unfortunately, due to lack of information, many would-be doctors settle for another career path and are never given a chance to impact our world in the ways they dreamt of, through medicine.

One young and ambitious medical student at Nottingham University is on a mission to change that. Ethan Smallwood, a 21-year-old from Birmingham, UK, is making waves on Instagram by engaging followers and bringing the role of an influencer and doctor together. Ethan always knew he wanted to be a doctor, even at a very young age. He enrolled in a medical degree so he could help people overcome illnesses and support them on their journey towards good health. Ethan truly believes in the power of knowledge and is on a mission to bring the right information to his followers in fun ways.

Ethan explains, “becoming a doctor is such a rewarding profession; being able to help vulnerable and sick patients every day and improve their quality of life is such a privilege. I truly love the variety and being able to work with hundreds of conditions from genetic disorders to cancers and working with athletes to the elderly and newborns is very rewarding.” Ethan has found some notable success through the social media platform, Instagram, a result of opening up his life as a medical student to his followers. On his Instagram, followers can see first-hand what life looks like for a medical student while also getting a small glimpse into Ethan’s love for travel.

Ethan is currently working on his YouTube channel “The Student Doctor,” where he aims to help teach other aspiring doctors about life in medicine and this is set to launch in September 2019. His goal is to help get the right information to prospective medical students so they can walk into pursuing a career in medicine confidently. Ethan believes that if young people are armed with the correct information, they will be able to make a stronger impact and pursue the career they always wanted to choose. He is looking forward to what his YouTube series can provide others just like him. Young people who have always wanted to be a doctor but perhaps were unsure of the first step will get concise information to realize their dreams.

Set to graduate in 2021, Ethan looks forward to his future as a doctor alongside his passion as an influencer. An accomplished young man, Ethan earned two academic scholarships to study at the highly prestigious Solihull School in the UK and achieved exceptional results in his formal exams, leading to a place at medical school.
He gracefully juggles medical school, a busy social life and sport in quite an admirable way while building his dreams and traveling the world all at the same time. Ethan Smallwood works hard to set a good example, and his YouTube channel is just the next step for him to reach out to medical aspirants, across the globe.

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