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Do you know these cities in India and abroad have ‘Batti Gul’ all the time?

Batti Gul Meter Chalu
The film Batti Gul Meter Chalu has been made on the issue of electricity and callousness of the government officials who are busy in their own corrupt world without allowing the villages and cities in the North to get the light. It has touched the right chord, which has given us the opportunity to know which cities and villages in this country and abroad that still remain in the dark. In fact, there are more than 70 villages and towns in India alone that still live in a dark, so, how about checking the places in India and abroad have ‘Batti Gul’ all the time, which goes as under:
The state that tops in India is J&K and Rajasthan, which have more than 79 villages and districts each that still remain under the darkness. The former state is affected by militancy, which is one of the key reasons for the government to place the electricity in the state, while Rajasthan has no such reason still a same amount of people remain under the darkness.shahid kapoor in batti gul meter chalu
Manipur- The other state in India that remains affected in India is Manipur, which is around 77 villages and districts that remain under the darkness.
Bihar & Nagaland – Both the states are affected and more than 74 villages and towns in these states remain under darkness. However, with Bihar, the reason is pure negligence that remain the reason for being powerless while Nagaland has same old story of militancy that makes things bad to worse.
Tripura and Meghalaya – Both the states are affected when it comes to electricity and like other above stated places, these Indian states too have around 70 places in their respective states to have no electricity and thus these remain powerless.
Batti Gul Meter Chalu New Poster
Abroad – There are many backward countries particularly in Africa to have no lights. Hence one can find no lights at nations like Kenya, Africa, Haiti, Cambodia, Sudan and Nigeria to name a few. The reasons are primarily poverty and backwardness that make these countries to remain powerless at most of the places.
Wrapping up 
When it comes to electricity, there are several places in India and abroad to have no power since ages. They still live in the same old primitive world and mostly the reasons are the backwardness and poverty. This may not be the case with India but at times in other states that are not affected by militancy, the prime reason is the negligence.
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