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Dishoom Movie Review

dishoom movie review

This Friday we have a solo release, which comes in the form of a film called Dishoom. The movie is an action adventure flick directed by Rohit Dhawan, while it has John Abraham, Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline in the lead roles, while Saqib Saleem and Akshay Khanna in the supporting roles with one of these having the character of grey shades and needless to say that Akshay Kumar has a cameo in the film as his first look poster in the water gun was making waves in the media just two days before. And yes don’t miss Parineeti Chopra who is seen in one of the item songs of the film. Well, the movie is produced by Sajid Nadiawala under the banner of Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment. The music comes from Pritam and the story is written by Hussain Dalal. Now, let’s dig in deep into the film to get the gist about the same.


You have two agents Kabir Shergill (John Abraham) and Junaid Ansari (Varun Dhawan) based in the Middle East gets the 36 hour man hunt operation. The man is none other than the top performing cricketer called Viraj who goes missing that seems to be the handiwork of the rival team. Well, how they find out that batsman is an interesting quest, which one can explore by catching the film at any of your close theatres.


The film has a very story to follow wherein you have two men of different sides being assigned the same job to hunt a man that is suddenly disappeared, however, the name of the film seems to be irrelevant and has nothing speaks about the theme or crux of the movie. Anyway, it’s the audience to decide how much extent it suits to the theme of the film. You have whole of lot things in the movie, right from action, adventure, showcasing of the pack abs, to item song, and many more, which are simply being added to twist an otherwise simple script just for the heck of adding some spices in the film. Though on the face of it these things appear to be a viable thing however, for serious movie lovers, they would be rather bogged down with repetitive things witnessed in the movie. Moreover, with these elements, the movie becomes flawed, which in a sense hampers the entertainment value of the movie.

Anyway, back to the film and the performance. In one word, it’s no par with the expectations from senior actors like John. Seems the two actors in the lead role were doing a movie without the seriousness which is required to give some decent grocer at the box office. However, you have only things to notice the pack abs, which the actors have showcased in the film and yes don’t forget the glam element found in the item girl song and similar is the story with the Jacqueline Fernandez. The action element in the film is worth watching, which gives due scores to both the actors in the film. Both the actors – John Abraham and Varun Dhawan have tried to put their feet in their assigned characters, which they have tried to make things better for your choice.

Direction, Music, Editing and other elements

The direction has some flaws, which seems to have appeared in the film. Thanks to the average performances and overdoing things that are being carried out by the lead actors. The actors have failed to showcase the right kind of emotions that are seen over the faces of these people. Talking about music things are not that par as it were expected. Though the presence of an item song could have made things but it doesn’t really was seen working in its favor. The other elements like screenplay, editing and other things remained average, which somewhere didn’t play much role in escalating entertainment value in it.

Dishoom Last Word

Dishoom is a typical entertainer film, which has all the masala one can aspire to see in a B Town film. The film however lacks behind in terms of dexterity and professionalism, which was expected in a bigger way in this film to make it par with other competitive ways. In a sense, the film can be an average entertainer though expected to well by its makers and some media and marketing experts. Let’s see how things move when the film finally hits the theatre. This gives the film an average rating only.

Rating – 2.5


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