Monday, December 6, 2021
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Disha Patani Makes Fun Of Twitter Trollers In Social Media

  • Disha Patani, who is riding high after the BLOCKBUSTER Success of Baaghi 2, faced a lot of trolls on her social media handle and every time she posts a new picture or a video, the trolls get down to work and end up commenting the most hazard thing possible. People always target her short vulgar dressing code stating that she reveals way too much and also state that she’s just jealous on other people’s success. But, Disha Patani just doesn’t care about the trolls and she doesn’t need anyone’s approval to post anything online.

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She said, “I don’t care what people have to say about me or their comments on my posts. I am not uploading anything for their approval. It’s just me and my world. I don’t share much about my personal life anyway on social media. It’s only pictures or videos during a film’s promotion. As far as comments are concerned, I used to [read] in between, but then these guys’ trolls, they really write bad stuff and nonsense, especially for girls… I don’t read them anymore. For them, commenting on other people’s profile and saying mean things makes them feel like they are greater and happier in their own world. So, that’s okay. And most of them are fake profiles.

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Earlier, a media comparing Disha Patani’s present look with her school look and ended up calling her an ugly kid. Disha Patani replied to that particular issue and makes fun at them saying ‘Sorry for being an ugly kid. Disha always tries to make fun of the media it’s not new. Her latest film Baaghi 2 just created a Havoc at Box Office. Movie was a BLOCKBUSTER from nowhere and smooth up over 150 Cr net at Box Office which also stars Tiger Shorff, without the support of any big Holiday.

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