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Disha Patani: From Sultry Savitri to Ghar ki Sarasvati

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Looks like Disha Patani’s range is not limited to her acting. This young beauty has a large following on social media and is proud that she manages her own accounts to be real with her fans. Her posts range from fitness videos, to selfies, to glamorous photoshoot. And her fanbase is in love! Her minimal make-up, real time posts, daily updates and stories win hearts over the world. She embodies the idea of being and love one’s original self.


She has been named one of the most loved stars on social media and her pictures go viral in no time! It’s no wonder, scroll through her Instagram and we guarantee you will go weak in the knees. We’re not sure if everyone will agree with this one, but she’s giving us major Ariana Grande vibes in some of her looks. With one photo in a bikini and another in an Indian lehenga complete with earrings and a bun, she makes us realize what the real life of an actor in this day and age is like. But she does it all with such grace and poise that we all feel like we can achieve it someday too.




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But she doesn’t stop there. Her vacation pictures are perfect and nothing short of the influencer life. We’re crushing on her and her vacation spots! Goals – yes duh.

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Her girl-next-door vibe always makes heads turn and the adoration is tenfold with the release of every movie. She’s a pretty face no doubt, but she’s got a lot of talent. She’s not afraid to share her reality and that keeps her fans coming back for more. Disha also loves showing off her body, and why shouldn’t she? It’s perfect. By sharing work out videos and tips with her fans, she connects with them in a way A-list actors never do.


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She really is a millennial superstar, and she’s taking the internet by storm.

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Simran Malhotra

If you ask her parents, they would say that she learned to hold the Nintendo joystick before she even learned how to walk. Being significantly younger than her two brothers, she was exposed to gaming at an early stage and has fallen deeply in love with it, even choosing to have a profession in the same field. With a diploma in game design from Rubika, she now works as a game designer and developer, and can now play video games at any time of the day she wants, and if they try to ask her, "Just doing some research, I swear" will always be her reply.
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