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Director Shailendra Pandey hires real Nautanki players for his upcoming movie JD




Shooting of Movie "JD"

Shooting of Film “JD”

Nautanki is a famous folk theater and operatic drama form, popular in northern India especially in Uttar Pradesh. Before the advent of cinema in India, it was the most popular form of entertainment prevalent in these areas. Usually a nautanki consisted of folklore and mythological dramas with interludes of folk songs and dances. Now it has taken other forms. In many areas it has been restricted only to female dance shows. Consequently, this art is losing popularity and goodwill among admirers day by day. This is the first time in the history of Indian cinema that Bollywood director Shailendra Pandey is showing the original Natalie art form in his upcoming movie “JD”. Shailendra Pandey had left no stone unturned to show a real thing in his film. For a real look, Director Shailendra Pandey has decided to hire real Nautanki players from Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) Queen of Nautanki Theatre to shoot this special song in his movie. Gulab Bai family member performed in front of bollywood actor Govind Namdev during the song shoot in Lucknow.

Shailendra Pandey said, “JD Movie is based on the life of a journalist, about how he reaches to the top and becomes a controller. I always wanted to incorporate realism in the movie for which I asked a real life retired judge to play the character of judge and now real life nautanki players to demonstrate the nautanki art form in the movie.”

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