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Director of the Web Series, PM Modi “Worried” On Poll Body Stepping In Release Matters

Modi Web Series
Modi Web Series


After the making of PM Narendra Modi movie, director Umesh Shukla worked on the web series for the same. The web series was supposed to be released this month but, with the poll steeping in, there has been a work of worry floating around.

Director, Umesh Shukla seems to be a bit worried about Modi: Journey Of A Common Man to be under the scanning process of the Election Commission radar. He was planning to release his web series, Modi: Journey Of A Common Man in April, but with the entire project undergoing the scanning drama of the Election Commission, things can be a bit topsy turvy.

This 10-part original-series is said to be based on the real-life story of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Recently the Election Commission had already sought comments from the makers of biopic film PM Narendra Modi that featured Vivek Oberoi. It has been due to the opposition’s demand that the release of the film has to be postponed till the Lok Sabha elections get over. The film was slated to release on April 5.

When asked about the late release of the web and the associated consequence of the same due to the code of conduct concerns, Mr Shukla said, “I am a little worried but at the same time, it’s a different platform. This will come on the Internet. I don’t think so that the code of conduct is applied there. But we never know. We haven’t declared our dates yet.”

The series has been written by Mihir Bhuta and Radhika Anand, and each episode will last for the duration of 30-45 minutes. The director mentioned that the absolute release date is still not out and they are looking for a release in April release on Eros Now.

He further added, “We are on the edit table currently. I will finish it very soon of course… But I don’t know how it (code of conduct) will work for web content. I don’t know how it works.”

The 2019 year began with a film on the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, titled The Accidental Prime Minister which was already deemed of election propaganda by the critics.

The timing of the release of the web series urgently has its heels of the Lok Sabha elections and it may also raise many eyebrows but, the 102 Not Out director, Umesh mentioned, he does not “fear these things.”

Clearly his point, he said, “When I made Oh My God a lot of people threatened me saying how you can make a film like this in India about God. I started this (project) a year ago. It took time to materialize into what it is today. We are still not ready. Till yesterday we were shooting. I’m trying to release it as soon as possible. But it was never in our minds to release it before the elections. If we were ready by January we would have released then. It wasn’t planned like that.”

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