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Dimple Girl Preity Zinta: No Change in Surname at All!!

Preity Zinta not changing surname post marriage

A strange cum shocking news, a couple of days when the world renowned celeb gear up the entire B town with her marriage news, have once again come up with another news this time and is nothing but ‘No Change in her Surname!!’. Indeed the actress have decided that she won’t be changing her surname for now, well as per Indian tradition a girl when married to somebody have to change her surname, I know this is again a controversial thing that the actress has flaunted all over the media, but the thing is this is not we who’re admiring the statement but it’s the one n only dimple girl ‘Preity Zinta’ who’s not in state to give a change for this. Have a look on what she added on the same infront of media fellows..

As per the sources she added – “I guess I have been my father’s daughter longer than I am someone’s wife so technically not changing right now,” – She added on the social networking website ‘Twitter’. In addition to this, despite it has been getting a month since she got married toGene Goodenough but still she’s just like crazy n funny like she was, when she was asked about Gene she added – “Not Bad, not too good cuz that’s boring … Just Goodenough ?? Hahahahah. – As per the sources.

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