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Dilwale Trailer Review: Another Nonsensical Film in Making

Dilwale-Trailer Review

The trailer of much hyped and seemingly awaited movie – Dilwale has finally surfaced in the media. With loads of media attention, the trailer was released recently amidst the presence of the lead stars – Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and others. Well, it may be too early to judge a book by checking its cover page, however, the kind of disappointment that has spread around us after catching up the trailer compels has to say that it can be another nonsensical film in making, which the Rohit Shetty has been known for making. Let’s dig deep into the film and uncover certain nonsensical elements found in the film.

The Story Plot – Too Repetitive

The story plot of the film though may appear simple, however, the kind of frills it has created around it seem very much repetitive and yawn inducing. One may argue as to why to expect every movie to be educating, informative and thought provoking as movies are simply meant for entertainment. However, one may expect some amount of soul stirring and intelligent entertainers like many released this year including Baby without taking people for a ride. Unfortunately, we live in a land wherein stars are worshipped and considering the evergreen couple of SRK & Kajol, people would certainly catch the film near at the screens near their places allowing the filmmakers to laugh how such movies become the best source of income simply when it has stars like these.

Mindless entertainment

One cannot expect something new and innovative from directors like Rohit Shetty… Time Kisse Paas Hai Boss. He loves to mix and match the stories he has or extracts from here and there with colouring in a different shade and present before the audience with huge stars roped in the film. Shah Rukh Khan has been known for giving some of the best movies in terms of smart entertainment and thought provoking films like Main Hoon Na, Swadesh, Chak De, My Name is Khan etc. seems to have lost the track giving something the usual and repetitive like Om Shanti Om, Chennai Express, Happy New Year, etc. And Dilwale is another mindless movie in making, which is all set to hit next month. Unfortunately for SRK, the yardstick of becoming great only due to the choice of film one makes seems to be demeaning at the moment.

Weird Action Scenes – Too Abstract to Believe

Dilwale seems to be a typical Rohit Shetty film, which means, you do not expect anything like thought provoking kind of entertainment in it. It is no surprise to see some mindless action sequences in the film as seen earlier like men or cars bouncing back when falls over any hard floor. You find a car successfully managing to survive while applied brakes on the edge of a heighted place. This seems to be just a tip of the iceberg, which one catches up the film making it a hit this coming Christmas.

Wrapping up

In this era, when filmmakers are seen toying with newer ideas showcasing their courage and ability to take risks like Finding Fanny, Main Aur Charles or Piku, we seen Rohit Shetty treading the same old paths. The idea of roping in any start with any mindless content movie seems to have worked always, which is not the case with other filmmakers. Time for people like Rohit Shetty to Grow Up, while SRK has the least to care about it since he knows he has a huge chunk of money to come when this film finally releases this Christmas.

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