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Dilwale Total Box Office Collection: Heading Towards 400Crs Worldwide

A boom whose presence is still sparking to a level of interest that can make history, a movie which was getting flooded expectations from its saga performance and somehow manage to roll since years has finally created a platform that can surely make it to that level which will be a remarkable instance for it. As the title embarks, it’s all about Shahrukh Khan’s Dilwale which moving steadily in the box office just to grab a destination of 400Crs Worldwide and has successfully created a path for the same, let’s have a quick look on the mile stones of the movie.

One of the biggest and fire catching milestone of the movie was nothing but the collection on its first day and luckily it was tremendous perform that lead the figure to cross 28 Crs. Though it was just the initial day response but still it was continued till the weekend and hence the figure grossed to 140 Crs within a week, last but not the least for which we were awaiting to know is nothing but the overall collection of the movie that peaked to 400 Cr worldwide.

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