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Dilwale Box Office Prediction- SRK is often the King of Box Office

Dilwale Box Office Predictions

This Friday, one can expect a big fight between the two greatest movies of B Town releasing this Christmas 2015- Dilwale by Rohit Shetty and Bajirao Mastani by Bhansali. Both the movies have their own buzz in the media for their own reasons, however, who wins the battle is a big question. Digging deep, Shah Rukh Khan has been the ruler of box office collection, hence the chances are more on his side as well in terms of collection. Well, Rohit Shetty and SRK have teamed up together to target more number of multiplexes as compared to the single screens, which is just the opposite strategy of Bajirarao Mastani.

We all know the collection at Multiplexes is more than the single screen profits, thus the Sanjay Leela Bhansali film is not likely to outnumber the collection of Multiplexes with SRK starrer film Diwale. This means, Dilwale is all set to embark with a better collection the first day, and also the single screen agreement simply stays true only over the cities wherein you find a monopoly. However, in the interior cities like Solapur, Lucknow and Akola you can find Dilwale in the single screens as well.

Also, both the films have been also known for their controversial for Dilwale on SRK intolerance remark and Bajirao Mastani from the historians for manipulating history to make the film glamorous. However, SRK’s controversy seems to have much water when many anti social and fascist elements are asking people to boycott the film. This may not work at a long go, since similar things have been with the films of SRK and even Aamir Khan. As per reports, such incidences and repulsion from a certain segment of the society only help in getting a higher collection.

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