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Digital Creator Mehul Has Literally Created His Life With His Own Hands & Hard Work!

If you have the talent, it’s great. But if you have a hard-working attitude and an undying will to achieve something, then you are even better. YouTuber Mehul has literally created a great life for himself thanks to his sheer hard work and dedication.

Mehul is one of the topmost digital creators in India. His portfolio comprises of more than 50 YouTube channels, cryptocurrencies, stocks, real estate, and a record label named Gseven Records worth more than a million dollars. He instructs around 300 students on how to earn money by being a YouTube curator. He has also earned 8 YouTube play buttons and uses his income to help many needy people in his community.

But if we talk about him, Mehul himself had very humble beginnings. From using his friend and family’s smartphones to edit videos to getting several YouTube accounts suspended, Mehul has gone through a lot. But every time, he faced a setback, he made sure to come out of it stronger and wiser.

Mehul couldn’t complete his studies because of his father’s weak financial condition. After quitting his studies, he had to help his father at his cloth shop. But when he realised the potential of being a YouTube creator, he jumped into it. While making sure, he learns from every failure, Mehul carved his path to success on his own.

From being a small-time YouTuber whose first income was $200 to have his own office and employees, Mehul has come a long way and the journey has been exhilarating for him. Now Mehul has enough capital coming in that he has bought several properties for his family. He is a married man now who loves his family and takes pride in his hard work and how far he has come.

Well, the way he never gave up in the toughest of circumstances and continued to work towards success, even we feel proud of him.

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