Did young business tycoon Kanthi Dutt just make his love announcement?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated like a huge festival for a week long by couples. India has been marching towards urban-modern lifestyle and the rules during Valentine’s time has reduced over the years. On this occasion, a very renowned businessman Kanthi dutt has posted a private picture in a dense forest quoting “Happy Valentines Day <3” that raised eyeballs.

Kanthi dutt is one of the most eligible young businessmen with a net worth of over 50 crores. In several interviews, he denied about his relationship when asked. In his recent interview with iDream Media, he quoted that “I don’t have the time for relationships right now. I am not someone who will commit without being able to give my best”.

In contrary, this young business tycoon has posted a very intriguing picture with his valentine on social media. Kanthi Dutt has never been approachable for the young woman due to his busy work life and now it looks like he’s never going to be. Kanthi dutt has started working since he was very young and not only has he succeeded in business, but is also known for his philanthropic activities and kind heart.

Having several film connections and friends from the film industry, his social media followers are now surprised about which celebrity he is currently dating. Kanthi dutt has always kept his personal life private and never had he exposed his family or love-life until this Valentine’s Day. In another interview with Suman TV when he was asked about his film debut as a lead actor, he quietly denied and mentioned that he’s not interested in acting or films.

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