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Did you every noticed Salman Khan? Religion of Wikipedia Page ?

Have you ever noticed Salman Khan’s Wikipedia Page? If not please do. Why he is the real super star & why people are crazy about him?

A well known quote that some of you might have heard “It’s very easy to give a good example but it’s very difficult to set a good example

The perfect example for this lovely quote is none other than one of the super start of Bollywood Salman Khan who does oppose/hate castisim. Why don’t have a quick look on his wiki profile, observer his Religion where it’s his mentioned religion is “Hindu-Islam”.

Many of us might have heard and grabbed in some news as well that most of the celebrities claim that they not only hate castisim but also strongly oppose it as well. Tough it’s actually easy to say but on the other hand it’s very difficult do replicate.

In the entire Bollywood Industry it’s only Salman, whose family members celebrate both Hindu and Islamic festival. However, if we talk about his other family members then they do belons to different religions as well but they all celebrate the festival like anything.


Salman Khan Wiki Page
Salman Khan Wiki Page
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