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Diabetes, High BP & Smoking the Biggest Cause of Death in India: Study

The health issues like high blood pressure and diabetes along with the menace of smoking is among the popular causes of death these days in India reveal a study. As per reports, published in a British Journal called The Lancet, people facing these issues and remain callous are borne to aggravate the conditions and risks to life and other issues, which boost up the number of deaths in the country.

Not just India, but other nations are seen joining this list, which are particularly from the Asia, however, even the developed nations too have similar sort of trend, which seems to have emerged all these years. The deaths are owing to the high blood pressure and cholesterol in India, which tolled from the duration of 1990 to 2013.  Even a sizeable amount of people are seen getting deaths due to pollution.

As per the study, people who lost their life in 2013 due to issues like high blood pressure and high blood sugar and issues like indoor pollution has gone up to around 3.3 million, which are among the premature death cases in India.  Also, the other important cause, which seems to have emerged all these years is the consumption of Tobacco.


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