Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Dia speaks on the ongoing clamour, comments on bilateral tensions

Dia Mirza recently posted on a  micro-blogging site “Patriotism that propagates hate is not patriotism. United we rise. Divided we fall. Politicians polarise to rule, not serve society,”

Celebrities across the board and borders have been commenting on the spillover, with some talking in support of the steps, some opposing it and some just keeping mum.

Superstar Salman Khan and veteran actor Om Puri came forward to support Pakistani talent, but faced a backlash for their opinions.

Her post comes amidst the ongoing clamour over the cross-border tension between the neighbouring countries, which spilled into the entertainment world and sparked a debate on whether Pakistani artistes should be banned from working in the Mumbai film industry.

Some Indian outfits have imposed a ban on Pakistanis from Indian showbiz world and a few Pakistani theatres have pulled down Indian movies from their screens.

Earlier this week, Pakistani talent Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan also broke their silence, with Fawad praying for “a more peaceful world”, and Mahira condemning any act of terror, no matter which soil it is on.

At a time when celebrities across the board are readily commenting on the bilateral tensions between India and Pakistan, actress Dia Mirza says patriotism in its true spirit does not propagate hate.

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