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Dhamaka Movie Review : Kartik Aaryan’s film fails to create magic on screen!

Dhamaka Movie Review

Cast: Kartik Aryan, Mrunal Thakur, Amruta Subhash, Vikas Kumar, Vishwajeet Pradhan
Director: Ram Madhvani
Rating: 1.5

A day in the life of reluctant radio DJ Arjun Pathak (Kartik Aryan) is about to be turned upside down: he is thrown into the heart of a major crisis just minutes after the film begins. If his demands are not honoured, a man claims he will blow up the Mumbai Sea Link. Within minutes, there’s a huge blast, and Arjun watches portions of the iconic bridge crashing into the sea outside his window.

Who is this mysterious man? What is it that he desires? The voice on the phone becomes a beacon for Aryan’s ratings-hungry boss Ankita Malaskar (Amruta Subhash), who does whatever ‘the channel’ demands, no matter what the consequences are. It’s important for his voice to be heard.

Kartik Aaryan
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Dhamaka Movie Review

‘Dhamaka,’ a remake of the Korean film ‘The Terror Live,’ depicts an all-too-familiar conflict between TV networks’ ravenous desire for ever-increasing ratings and ordinary people with little financial and social clout. These are folks who have escaped the clutches of greedy businesses posing as media outlets that solely sell sensation. Some of these folks, ironically, still believe that news anchors are oracles. It’s a fascinating concept, but it’s let down by the clumsy execution.

Aryan starts off well enough as the disgraced TV anchor who wants his prime-time job back at any cost, sporting zero power spectacles ‘to look serious.’ Subhash, who plays a hard-edged TV channel CEO with not a single empathy bone in her body, barks commands to ‘go live, go live’. However, you quickly realise that the essential ingredients of a thriller — the sense of urgency, suspense, and horror that the actors on film are supposed to feel — are lacking.

That’s because everything on film appears to be staged and improbable. None of the ‘breaking news’ scenarios, the tragedy developing on the broken bridge, or the frantic action taking place in the newsroom feels real. The entire film had the feel of a set. And everyone feels like they’re rehearsing a scene.

Dhamaka Movie Review Conclusion :

This may have something to do with Bollywood’s inability to accurately portray buzzy news floors. It’s either overly exaggerated or too bland, with none of the knife-edged tensions that shoot through the place like lightning when news breaks and everyone is working full speed ahead on the next day’s edition or bulletin. It’s also possible that these characters are only outlines rather than flesh-and-blood.

In a nutshell, Kartik Aaryan’s Dhamaka can be easily skipped this weekend!



In a world full of writers, I'll just be another one with an edge to be the best. I am a content writer by trade and part-time poet.

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In a world full of writers, I'll just be another one with an edge to be the best. I am a content writer by trade and part-time poet.
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