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Dhadak Movie Review : The Essence of the story and intensity is missing in Dhadak as seen in the original


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Dhadak Movie Review

Director -Shashank Khaitan
Starring  Janhvi Kapoor, Ishaan Khatter, and Ashutosh Rana
Genre – Drama
Producer – Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar and Apoorva Mehta
Studio – Dharma Production
Writer– Shashank Khaitan
Story – Nagraj Manjule
Rating -2.0
Story :
The film Dhadak happens to be a remake of a Marathi movie called Sairat, which was made by Nagram Manjule the popular Marathi filmmaker. However, there are some changes as the film is made at the backdrop of a Rajasthani clan wherein a boy from a poor background falls in love with a girl from an affluent family and in the end when the leave their home to unite, they are found out and killed in the name of honor killing. Well, how it really goes, it would be interesting to catch in the nearest theatre.
Review :
It was a bad idea for the filmmakers like Karan Johar to copy the content of a M Town film called Sairat as he was successful only copying the story but not the sense. Since it happens to be the remake of the popular film, which was applauded for its story and performances, so the comparison is inevitable. However, when Sairaat scored high in different aspects, Dhadak is no way competitive. The makers went extent to copy their popular song as well, which miserably fails at the chartbuster despite having the same music directors. Sadly, the script has nothing new to offer rather than new sets and a different background. The filmmaking has no issues as the director has put his best to give to the audience but had to fail as both the actors in the lead roles were new and doing their debut in B Town with it.
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Both Jhanvi Kapoor and Ishan Khatter seem to opening up their innings in B Town with this film. Looking at their performances, they did not match with the lead actors of Sairat despite the fact that the two belong to a influential family and acting should be flowing in their blood when compared to the M Town film actors who come from a small town and village barely knowing even the A of acting. Yet they had performed and even got recognition in the National Awards as well, but comparing the two with Dhadak cast would be rather unfair as both Jhanvi and Ishaan are long way to go.
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Dhadak The Last Word 
The film is just an attempt to launch new faces coming from influential families of B Town by Karan Johar. It has story but copied from the M Town film, so the half the audience know about the story and content, thus it will not be an instant hit when it gets its release. So, if you are planning to catch the film this weekend, it is totally a bad idea.

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