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Desi Kattey Movie Review

Desi Kattey

Casting: Sunil Shetty, Akhil Kapur, Jay Bhanushali, Sasha Agha , Tia Bajpai, Murli Sharma, Claudia Ciesla.

Directions: Anand Kumar

Age Group for Watching: The movie is especially for the youngsters and elders.

Watch or Not? :  One time watch.

The most anticipated movie ‘Desi Kattey’ that actually created a huge craze amongst the fans and audience as well especially after placing his stunning presence in the latest release, yes you guess it right I am talking about the star ‘Jay Bhanushali’ who just lifted up the Box office collection with the release of hot scenes along with the hottest celeb of B’ Town ‘Surveen Chawla’ on the track of movie ‘Hate Story 2’. But hold on guys the picture actually comes into play this way, as none of us had ever thought off that despite executing his fabulous presence his next movie could be so pathetic. You might be thinking off why I’m using this word don’t you. So here what goes on..

The movie is all about two childhood kids i.e. Akhil Kapur as Paali and Jay Bhanushali as Gyaani who were just beggars in childish young age who hardily get some meal a day and sleep with an empty stomach in night but soon there life takes you turn accidently they came into crime world but after much slogging come under the care of Crime Lord Ashutosh Rana. As soon as they get meld into the crime surprisingly the politics bound them to seek training under Major Rathore (Suniel Shetty), who trains the two learners for shooting championship. However, after brushing Gyaani‘s talent he just grab the gold medal where as Paali stand out to be the alone walker in the field of crime.

Scripting: As far as the scripting part is concerned the movie seems to be lacking behind its stunning expectations which had actually killed the expectations of the fans, In addition to this, despite the movie gathered huge impressions but in the end couldn’t make up to that level that can even impress the fellow audience.

Desi Kattey Review Last words

Depiction: Of course the movie is just one time watch and even poor than that, in fact I would say a waste of money to watch it as well, but hope could impress some handful of audience.

Manoj L


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