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Desert Dancer Trailer : Freida Pinto’s Punishment Turns To A Passionate Dancer

desert Dancer  trailer

Before we come on to the track of news, let’s have a flash back of our childhood days when we were in school. Of course we are well educated, matured, and young guys isn’t? And despite we have lost our past since long but, even though some memories of our childhood remains intact and unchanged, in the same way what do you say if somebody had scolded or punished you in childhood days? it’s not strange, it’s you, me and each one of us who still remembered his/her times isn’t? But, if we talk about the movie Desert Dancer then, here the entire movie revolves around a real-life dancer none other than Afshin Ghaffarian replaced with Reece Ritchie as leading star.

As soon as we go deeper on to the video then, it reveals a kid (Afshin) who was punished at school for dancing in class and as it is well said that “A Passion Never Dies” in the same way this punishment actually turned into a passion to learn dancing by eagerly watching videos, tracks of some renowned dancing stars like Michael Jackson, Gene Kelly and Rudolf Nureyev and finally he created his own dance company along with his colleagues and friends like including Pinto’s Elaheh. Under the directions of Richard Raymond, the movie is slated to be released on April 10 in the USA and worldwide on 17th April. The movie also features Nazanin Boniadi, Tom Cullen and last but not the least Marmama Corlett as leading stars.

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