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Why the delay in Pooja Bhatt’s upcoming film Cabaret?

CABARET-MOVIE release delay

The Pooja Bhatt’s upcoming film Cabaret seems to be in the soup. Though the film was supposed to release last week but as per reports, the filmmaker is juggling with the copyright issues. The film have already suffered two postponements when it comes to its release date as per the director (Bhatt), she is on her way to fix the issues.

The film has surrounded loads of speculation about its release and as per the director, she claims that the copyright of her movie has been evident, which she is sorting out. She came on the microblogging site – Twitter to reveal the same.

She said all her previous films have got a dignified release and thus will not allow anyone to play with its copyright thing. Her film is all about a girl (played by Richa Chadda) who comes from a small village based at Jharkhand and is keen to enter the big world of Dance. Besides the dance, the film has loads of romance and love in it.

The film is directed by Kaustav N Niyogi, while it is co-produced by Pooja Bhatt along with Bhushan Kumar under their banner called Fisheye Network Private Network Limited. The film was supposed to hit earlier on 27th May, while later the changed was changed to 10th June and again no date has been given. Also, Richa has no idea about her film release.

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