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Deepika : Ranveer still asks why she manages home herself

Deepika been talking about why and how she manages her home and office herself. In an interview recently, she tells much more about it. Deepika says – “So, my typical day is like anyone else’s, where I wake up and, sometimes, there is no water in the tap, or there’s some problem with the staff. It is like any other home or situation, which I handle on my own. That’s the way I have been brought up. I don’t know whether I do this intentionally or whether that is second nature to me, but including things like packing, unpacking, ordering groceries, managing the home and office—I do it all myself.”

Deepika and Ranveer
Deepika further adds and says – “And Ranveer keeps saying why do you want to get into it yourself, but I don’t know any other way of being. I am extremely hands-on with my home, with my staff and any other issue that one must deal with on a daily basis. I am very home proud and have worked hard.”

Deepika Padukone says – “Everybody talks about his energy but what most people don’t realize is that this is not who he is all the time. What attracted me to him was the fact is that we have been together for eight years and are still discovering each other. I think that is the beauty of our relationship. We started off not as lovers but close friends, who connected at some level, even though we are very different people. So, even today, I don’t think he knows everything about me, and I can’t say I know everything about him.”

On the work front, Ranveer and Deepika will be seen together in Kabir Khan’s sports drama 83, in which he will play former cricketer Kapil Dev, while she will play his wife Romi Bhatia.

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