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The Deepika Padukone’s Cleavage controversy goes bitter

Its been a week since the Deepika Padukone’s Cleavage controversy has gone viral over the media. It all started with Times of India’s web portal posted few picture of the leggy lass circling her cleXvage and giving the heading DP’s Cleavage Show to which the actress ruthlessly condemned over her Twitter. Later, she embarked with a big letter coming with her clarifications about the issue taking Times of India and the media at large black and blue. Till then there was no reaction from the Times instead of a statement that the media was actually complementing the leggy beauty, which she misunderstood.

The letter broke the silence of the publication house embarking a letter in Bombay Times, wherein the media took Deepika to task. Its fair on the part of the media to report the celebrities for the things they see in them, however, the reaction from DP was very much personal and with the intent to be in the limelight for obvious reasons. But Dippy was expecting criticism from TOI and such rude reply. Currently she is on her debut world tour for her upcoming movie to US, hence doesn’t seems to react on it.

However, as per reports, when the letter from Time of India in its publication called Bombay Times went viral, she happen to check the same without giving any reaction or tweet on it. Though she was upset on it but the sources claimed that she is not keep to hamper her debut world trip, hence did not want to reply or react on it. According to the insiders, there is a buzz that the actress would seen cut off from this leading media house in the market and thus would not prefer ever to get associated with its TV or print networks. So, with every day passing, the cleXvage controversy seems to be going bad to worse.

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