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Deeksha Sonalkar is the pretty actress from Bani- Ishq the Kalma fame. She has carved a niche for herself in TV industry with her beautiful looks and simple but realistic acting. Deeksha’s real name is Deeksha Kanwal Sonalkr. Originally born as Punjabi, she was born and brought in Mumbai. As she always loved to give stage performances, Deeksha was always inclined towards dancing and acting. She was active as a dancer in dance troupes and theatre groups. This gave her much exposure to the cine industry where she finally found her calling – acting.

Deeksha is not the quintessential Punjabi but she suited well in the Punjabi character in the serial Bani- Ishq Da Kalma on Colours. She played the role of Jassy who was the younger sister of Bani, the titular character. The acharcter of Jassy was equally liked by the audience and the actress became popular on TV. Bani- Ishq Da Kalma got off air in 2013.

Deeksha was later picked up for another show Itti Si Khushi on Sony TV on 2014. Though the serial was aired only for about four months and later taken off air due to low TRPs, it was well promoted. The show had Smriti Kalra and Anuj Sahcdeva in lead roles and Deeksha played the sister of Anuj’s character Aman. Deeksha was once again impressive in her role.

In 2014, Deeksha admitted to be in a relationship with Ashiqui Tum se Hain star Rajveet Singh. The two were great friends before they started dating. Deeksha confirmed the rumors on Facebook. She declared she was in a relationship with Rajveet Singh.

Deeksha’s passion for dancing is unmatched. She has taken training in classical dances. In western dances too she has done excellent work with the choreographer Ashley Lobo.

Deeksha’s strength is talent and down to earth nature.

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