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Dedh Ishqiyaa First Day Review

Review : 2 Stars / 5 Stars

Dedh ishqiyaa released this Friday midst high expectation. Not only is this a comeback of one of the most scintillating performers Bollywood has seen namely Madhuri Dixit but the sequel of a critically acclaimed and commercially successful first part named Ishqiyaa. It starred Vidya Balan, Nazruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi in the lead. It was a story of Attraction Lust and Betrayal. What does Dedh Ishqiyaa has to offer now?? I was full of enthusiasm and curiosity. And the film did not *-disappoint me. Abhishekh Chaubey, the director of Ishqiyaa has once again brought a clean product that confirms to all the standards of a great film. There is romance and humor and  poetry intermingled with a gripping story line. A beautifully flowing narrative and a tight script are the major highlights of the film. Then you have excellent performances from the actors that was the high point of the previous Ishqiyaa as well.

Begaum Para ,played by Madhuri Dixit, resides in the small princely state of Mahamudabad. She is a widow, having lost her loving husband few years back. Interestingly, her husband at his death bed expressed the wish that his  wife should remarry a prolific poet. Begum Para seeks to fulfill the wish for that was his last wish. The two competent candidates who appear to win her heart with their poetic prowess are Jaan Muhamamd ( Vijay RAaz) and Iftekhar (Nazruddin Shah ). The competitors strive to win the queen. Where will the struggle lead? Another story of betrayal??

Muniya ( Huma Qureshi ) plays the smart confidant of Begum Para by whom Babban (Arshad Warsi) is smitten. The writer Darab Farooqui has done a flawless work with the script. The charters and the story are intricately winded and the result is a gripping tale. Another Master of his art, Vishal Bharadwaj  has penned interesting dialogues and you know it could not better. Bashir Badr’s poetry is amazingly beautiful.  The film scores a full ten in its artistic quality. Madhuri Dixit does it beautifully what she is best known for – dancing. Her breathtaking dance moves imparts poetry to this piece of art. There e is spice, there is flirting and passionate romance and oodles of suspense.

Watch Isyhqiyaa for its performances, poetry and spice.

2.5 Stars / 5 Stars

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