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DDLJ – An Era Still Rolling All Over the B Town


A flash back of an era that turned out to be the highest grabber in the Bollywood industry is on the verge to groove social media platform i.e. Twitter. Can you guess from the title what’s exactly grooving the B town? Yes, it’s all about the movie ‘DDLJ – Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ which is still reigning the hearts of Bollywood fans, and indeed may create some records as well. Decades have been passed away and we all might have seen lot’s of blocker buster movies since now isn’t? But, some of the movie makes a place in our hearts which remain as hard as stone in the heart and one of them is DDLJ – A movie full of entertainment, love, affection, hatred, romance and many more.

Moreover, if we talk about the recent movies releases then we are quite aware, how much they roll all over the B town i.e. hardly few weeks even if the movie is really entertaining isn’t? However, the case is totally different when it comes to DDLJ, despite the movie is 1009 weeks old i.e. almost 20 years, after it began playing on October 19, 1995 but, still… But still…. today the movie is able to grab it’s loving audience and especially the fans with a huge number. I guess some of you still not believe this right? Have look on what the sources depicted, a well known personality Mr Desai added to the IANS, “We are not planning to remove DDLJ show. It was a false report. We have a DDLJ show daily at 11.30 am and on weekdays there is 40 to 50 per cent occupancy and on the weekend it runs houseful.” – As per the sources. Of course this is really a remarkable success for the makers of the movie and thus it’s still rolling on one of the famous theatres in Mumbai i.e. Maratha Mandir.

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