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Dark Chocolate (2016) Review | Dark Bitter shades of a real Incident

Dark Chocolate' Trailer Launched

Directed By : Agnidev Chatterjee
Produced By : Pradip Churiwal
Music : By : Subhayu
Cast : Mahima Chaudhry, Riya Sen, Sudip Chatterjee,Mumtaz Sorcar

Review By : Priyanka Raina

We all are aware of when Movie is based on real based incidents like some of the superhits this year which were made beautifully like AIRLFT and RUSTOM. Also periodic movies like Jodha Akbar, Mohenjo Daro, etc. History makes audience compare with the real then Reel because we all are aware of – on what the Story is.

Now , Lets talk about movie DARK CHOCOLATE made on such Controversial story which was the talk of the town “Shena Bora Case”  .

DARK CHOCOLATE is a Real story of Indrani Mukerjee played by Mahima Chaudhary as Ishani Bannerjee & the younger Indrani Teenage one (Kolkata Part) played by Riya Sen.

Also , Dark Chocolate will leave you apart by the shedding story of Ishani that she deals with while in Shillong where she was raped by her Step Father & then married to Gautam. She had son & daughter  with him. Step Father is played by Sudeep Mukherjee.

Later she shifted to Kolkatta as she was unhappy and got married to CEO and rest we all hwat the story is. Ishani is being arrested when she killed her Daughter Sheena who was pregnant with her own Son Rahul by second Husband for the sake of her property. Rest , we all knowis Media Controversy

Music of Dark Chocolate is sweet and sour which goes with track to reflect the rhythm of the film. Also Music by Subhayu is sensations

Cast : Mahima Chaudhry is brilliant in Controversial Role of Indrani Mukherjee, and Junior Indrani too which is played by Riya Sen. All characters are equally good and justify their realistic characters.

The Last Word- Review By Priyanka Raina gives Three and Half Stars to the Film on basis as its a realistic film so make it a point to watch to know the real hidden facts what was actually going on. Also it was well portayed and Scripted.

Rating : ★ ★ ★ ★Stars

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