Dalip Celbeqiri Founder Online Publishing Company DIY Simple is Keen to Make it on the Top 

Dalip Celbeqiri
Dalip Celbeqiri

Dalip Celbeqiri has been synonymous with his Online Publishing Company called DIY Simple. The 24-year-old young man is also an Influencer, and Engineer apart from being an Entrepreneur,  but he intends to keep his ball rolling only in his self-developed venture – DIY Simple. Hailing from Durres, Albania, life for him was smooth in his student life, but he chose to take advantage of the same by making it better rather than going complement ruining it for no reason. Hence while growing up, he made sure to understand and master the digital marketing in and out.

He got the chance to work with a company known as Newsflare for 1 year, helping him explore the power of social media. So, for him, Company DIY Simple is not his debut venture as he had worked with smaller businesses creating a web agency and later culminated all his efforts in embarking upon his pilot project, which is better known as DIY Simple. He always wanted to do things on his own as he can enjoy own creative and financial freedom along with flexibility which any 9 to 5 job would not offer him. Thus he soon embarked with his venture of a web agency thus pulling out things which he always wanted.

The success he got in his venture allowed him to think big and come out with his new enterprise – DIY Simple a full-fledged media publishing house.  DIY Simple is a known publishing house on the web landscape, which offers unique video content along with offering them between the lines view in this changing world of content. At the same time, he has an edge over domains like SEO and e-commerce that have together helped him to gain success. He, therefore, remains obliged to these platforms for putting on the pedestal and he intends to fly high with the sky to be the limit.

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