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Crime Petrol: After watching the Crime Petrol, the sisters murdered their brother, fed him with drugs and threw him in the Ganga

Crime Petrol
Crime Petrol

An extremely fun criminal was hidden behind the faces of two sisters who looked very innocent. The two sisters had fully matured themselves to murder by watching the Crime Patrol serial. After this, just like the incident in Kankhal, weaving the warp weft took place. Weaving one, not two, but three different stories, these criminal mind teenagers mislead the police, but when confronted with CCTV footage, she just falls apart.

SSP Senthil Abudai Krishnaraj S at the Kotwali Jwalapur campus said that on the day of the incident, the accused sister had mixed sleeping pills in the brother’s milk. The two sisters then picked up the brother who was sleeping near the parents in the morning and put him in a cloth bag and left the house. One sister was riding a bicycle, while the other was walking with a bag in her hand. Arriving near the red bridge of the railway, they threw the brother along with the bag into Ganga. They returned home after ten minutes of committing the incident. When the adolescent girls were questioned with confidence in the family, they confessed their crime.

The disappearance of an innocent from a house in a colony surrounded by a very dense population was very surprising. The other special thing was that Jethani’s name was on the tongue of the mother of the innocent. When the police proceeded, Jethani did not appear to be involved in this case. In such a situation, the police were accepting the hand of the innocent in the property dispute, or it seemed that the child has been kidnapped in the name of Tantra Mantra.

The focus of the police investigation was only on these two aspects, as the police were stepping on their own with suspicion. Meanwhile, the footage of a CCTV camera changed the entire theory of the police. In the footage, Innocent’s elder sister and cousin were under suspicion. Now the question was raised in front of it, how to inquire the teenagers. In such a situation, the police took help of relatives. It was not appropriate to deal with minors strictly. Even when the police questioning started, the two sisters did not budge at all.

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