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Is the crime against children on the rise due to content on TV and Cinemas ?

crime against children on the rise due to content on TV and Cinemas
crime against children on the rise due to content on TV and Cinemas

One can call the medium of TV and films to be one of the best development of science and technology. Today TV and the silver screen has become the indispensable part of our day to day life. In our day to day life, people regardless of their age group and class tend to be affected the most by the small screen a lot, which precisely gives a better name for them called the Idiot box.

Forget about the positive impact of this medium (as they tend to be low), the negative impact of the same is far and wide. The number of suicides increasing in the past few years bear witness to this fact. That’s not all, the increasing number of crime against even the kids and young people seems to be on rise.

Why the Negative Impact?

That’s the moot point, which we get to address with in this post. Well, have a look at the content of the TV shows and the films aired at the small screen or hit over the silver screens, you get to find something really weird and negative. Despite the restriction laid by the regulatory groups in India, we see a ruining state of affair in the media. The lethal and criminal plot to kill someone or loot any bank or any other business, or killing or abusing the small kids and young people, more and more people tend to give enough understanding to the criminal or negative minded people to commit similar crimes and young kids are now the new victim to this.

What’s the score?

The negative minded and criminal psyche people tend are the ones who are affected by the negative content the most. Excessive action and violence along with rapes and child abuse content easily make them target the vulnerable, which happens to be the kids and young people. There are many instances and examples on how kids and young people have been hit hard by the people with negative thoughts and practice. Hence it is inevitable to see the crime against the kids going up.

What’s the take?

Despite the regulations set by Indian agencies, there is a growing concern for the kids being targeted the most, which somehow is being inspired by the Indian films and TV shows. At such a helm of affair the only solution that seems viable is stringent regulations of the content to be put before the audience. Also, the audience should pose their concern, complaint and objection against the content of the shows or the films.

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