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Creator Parveen Kumar believes every tough path has a beautiful end


Mr. Parveen Kumar reached the top with the help of his determination and strength, removing all the hurdles that came his way. His huge fanbase on social media clearly shows how much people love him. Apart from being an extrovert who likes to socialise, he is also inclined towards his passion. He loves partying and chilling, making headlines, and he devotes his time to working hard in the industry at the same time. Praveen is also an active social media user who keeps his connections updated about his latest achievements, thus building a huge fanbase in all these years.

Being a man with morals, he rose to popularity in various fields like fashion, art, and grooming. He has worked with global clients as a famous creator, actor, and business person. According to Mr. Parveen Kumar, selflessness in your actions is the greatest act of kindness. He has also proved this through his venture where he trains budding artists in the most important aspects of the industry. Thanks to his god-gifted leadership skills, he could inspire many people in this world.

Parveen Kumar

A superabound ambience accompanied by his amazing personality has made a great connection with leading brands and organisations in the world. Someone who has always strived to improve by gaining years of experience makes it obvious for him to choose among the top picks from reputed and exceptional brand names.

The multitude of skills he possesses hasn’t just made him shine, but also helped him to make a difference, standing out from the crowd. He has numerous achievements in modelling, fashion, design and other fields. His fans call him a ‘giver’ as he never hesitates to share his experiences of failure and difficult periods and how he dealt with them with his students and fans. Today, if his students are doing great in the fields of fashion, modelling or acting, its credit goes to the constant efforts made by Mr. Parveen.


Parveen Kumar

And do you know? Mr. Parveen not only trains these skilled youngsters, but also helps them get rid of anxiety, depression, failure, and any other mental issues that come their way.

To sum it up, our industry hardly comes across a true gem like Mr. Parveen Kumar.

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