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Contact lenses can be harmful to eyes: Study

Contact Lens can be dangerous claims the new study by researchers. The research says that wearing contact lenses can cause infections in your eyes, which is not experienced by the ones who do not wear. The NYU Langone Medical Centre researchers were seen using high precision genetic tests in order to distinguish the thousands of bacteria, which make up the human microbiome and ended up finding a diverse kind of microorganisms in the eyes of the daily, which very much closely resemble to microorganisms of eyelid skin rather than the bacterial category usually found in the non wearer’s eyes.

The team at the research centre discovered that the eye surface or the conjunctiva has ironically a good amount of bacterial diversity than the skin, which directly is seen under the eyes and usually is three times the usual proportion of Methylobacterium. As per the study carried out by the team, it can even put an impact over the immune system of the contact eye users. This report was presented in one of the annual meetings of the known American Society for Microbiology based in New Orleans.

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