Consistency is the emperor, Video is the King, Content is KINGDOM says Abhimanyu Kalbhor

Abhimanyu Kalbhor
Abhimanyu Kalbhor

An avid food explorer, Abhimanyu Kalbhor is a well known face among food and travel lovers on social media whose alter ego Ghumakkad Gastronaut has over 67k followers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Being in the game for almost 6 years now, Abhimanyu believes that just creating anything in the name of content isnt just good enough in 2021, but creating content around videos that too cinematic and transitional videos, alongwith consistency is the key need of the hour.

“Video platforms are growing like crazy. People prefer to look at videos rather than a static post especially when it comes to food and travel. A video will help you grow at a rapid speed in comparison to a static post..
The audience would rather want to look at how a Butter Chicken is prepared rather than how well it is served on a plate.
In my opinion, a cinematic transitional video of a Tajmahal shot in 4K at different angles is 10x more intriguing than a well edited picture of the same.
No wonder why Youtube is one of the top Social Media platforms gathering eyeballs on a daily basis. Look at short video platforms gaining immense popularity in no time like Tiktok, Moj, Chingari, Instagram Reels etc. Showcase your talent in 30 odd seconds and boom see your growth go from zero to hero”, says Ghumakkad Gastronaut Abhimanyu Kalbhor who has over 100k followers on short video platforms like Moj and Chingari.

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