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Confirmed: Sequel to Tabu Starrer ‘Chandni Bar’ After 24 Years, Set for December 2025 Release

Fans of the impactful 2001 drama “Chandni Bar” have reason to celebrate as a sequel to the National Award-winning film has been confirmed for release in December 2025. The original film, directed by Madhur Bhandarkar, featured Tabu in a remarkable performance as Mumtaz, a bar dancer navigating the complexities of Mumbai’s underworld.

For the sequel, the reins will be handed over to Mohan Azad, the screenwriter and dialogue writer of the original film. Azad will be making his directorial debut with “Chandni Bar 2.” This exciting announcement comes ahead of Azad’s first film as a director, “What a Kismat,” which is set to release in theaters on March 22, 2024.

While the script for “Chandni Bar 2” is nearing completion, casting details have been kept under wraps. The press note states that no actors have been officially approached at this time. The original film boasted a stellar cast, including Tabu, Atul Kulkarni, Ananya Khare, and Rajpal Yadav.

Expressing his enthusiasm about the sequel, Mohan Azad said, “The producer of this film, R. Mohan, had expressed the desire for a ‘Chandni Bar’ sequel a long time ago, and we were confused about the story. But I am delighted that we have crafted a tremendous story for this sequel film. I am confident that we will be able to recreate the same success of ‘Chandni Bar’ once again in the coming years,” as stated in a press note.

Mohan Azad’s excitement for the sequel is palpable as he aims to capture the same success and impact as the original “Chandni Bar.” The story of the sequel has been meticulously crafted, and Azad is confident in its ability to resonate with audiences. As fans eagerly anticipate more details about casting and production, the news of “Chandni Bar 2” has generated anticipation and curiosity. With Mohan Azad at the helm, the sequel promises to delve deeper into the gritty world of Mumbai’s bar dancers, offering a compelling narrative that will captivate viewers once again.

Ziya Khan


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