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What Conde Nast Traveller magazine has to say On Priyanka Chopra’s Refugee T-Shirt Controversy


The recent cover page of Priyanka Chopra over Conde Nast Traveller about PC’s T-Shirt controversy has invited the wrath and troll all across the social media world. The T shirt of PC flaunted her to be a traveller rather than immigrant or outsider, which turned the source of controversy. Considering the troll over the issue, the magazine officials embarked with the statement clarifying about the same. The magazine claimed that people ended up creating problems though the magazine tried to show the beauty of the world for its diversity.

The official statement claimed that the T shirt message was to ask people opening up the borders and thus breakind down over the walls and thus help in discovering the world and thus open up the hearts and minds. Hence when she was seen wearing the T shirt creating over the cover in the 6th anniversary issue and had to point to make and it is not regarding the privilege or fashion.

The actress who has been becoming popular after being the part of the TV series called Quantico having white tank top, which reads Refugee, Outsider, Immigrant and Traveller but the last word crossed over the cover. The image has simply caused stir over the social media users and thus soon would be seen surfacing on the web. However, the spokesperson of the magazine claimed that they would be standing against the issues and otherwise.

The statement explained the reason why PC was seen doing her debut in Hollywood and thus the precise option for the magazine cover. The actor Priyanka Chopra happens to be a global star and thus home and abroad and has therefore experienced things firsthand and thus make her to be the perfect ambassador. Amidst all the controversy, the magazine has got a decent exposure all across the globe.

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