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Comedian Rosie O’Donnell apologies to Priyanka Chopra for calling her Deepak Chopra’s daughter

After an awkward meeting with Priyanka Chopra, US comedian Rosie O’Donnell apologised to her. Well, it all happened when Rosie, her son and his girlfriend spotted Nick and Priyanka out on a date and called her Deepak Chopra’s daughter.

Rosie took to Instagram and TikTok and shared two videos in which she explained the entire incident. And talked about when she ran into Priyanka and her singer husband Nick Jonas on Sunday.

In the first video which she shot in a car, she said that “Seated next to us was Nick Jonas and his wife ‘someone’ Chopra, which I always assumed was Deepak Chopra’s daughter”. For the unversed Deepak Chopra is a popular writer based in the US.


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She said she knew her father while talking t Priyanka.“She was like, ‘You do? Who’s my dad?’ I’m like ‘Deepak’. She was like ‘No. And Chopra is a common name’. I felt so embarrassed,” Rosie even asked if she was the only one who always thought Priyanka was Deepak’s daughter.

Rosie’s fans assumed she was really embarrassed by what had happened and advised her not to be anxious about it. “That’s awesome! I would have shrunk into the floor but it is funny,” wrote a fan.

After the first video, gained some viral, the comedian released another video, she took Priyanka’s actual, correct name this time. “People thought that she was rude. She wasn’t rude, it was just awkward. I’m sure she must get sick of that. I’m sure I’m not the only one,” she said in the video.
“But apparently she is a very famous actress and more famous than him (Deepak), people were saying. So I’m sure it felt weird to her to begin with.” Rosie clearly said Priyanka’s name again and apologised for the goof-up. “Sorry. Sometimes I f**k up,” she said.


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Priyanka and Nick Jonas married in 2018. The couple welcomed their daughter, who was born through surrogacy, earlier this month.

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