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Clashing Differences between Ranbir- Katrina and Deepika

A relation is always been at its peaks of break but it is maintained with some love n affectionate compromises n things of understand-ability and thus this takes the relation into a long cum never ending journey. Though these statements may sounds something really touching n emotional but on the other hand the Bollywood celebs are on the verge of, not even contradicting these statements but have broken up there long beautiful relationship and those are none other than Ranbir Kapoor  – Katrina Kaif who’re officially had a breakup a few days back and the other one i.e. Ranbir KapoorDeepika Padukone. Lets add up some lights on these relations one by one..

Starting with the one which is catching fire on the floor since couple of days i.e. Ran-Kat, well we start this, with the fragrance of love – A romantic love which was soothing in between the couple slowly n steadily, some personal meets and finally living all together under one roof but as it is well said ‘Time Is Not The Same Everytime’ the same way had gone with them and in the end a beautiful couple officially declared a break-up.

However if we talk about Ran-Deep, well this love was something that can remind our childhood days when we meet someone and later on such meetings turned into affectionate love, yes they both were in love with each other somehow they could not maintain it to that level which can be given a name and finally break-up. The only stunning difference was nothing but there true friendship which is still sizzling all over the globe.

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