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Citylights Movie Review

Citylights Reviews

Cast: Raj Kumar Yadav, Patralekha and Director: Hansal Mehta

Review : Citylights is the movie, which hit the theaters today all over India. The movie is directed by Hansal Mehta with lead actors include Rajkummar Rao and Patralekha. The story line of the movie is all about the lead characters Deepak played by Raj and Rakhi played by Patralekha along with their daughter are seen migrating from a small village of Rajasthen to Bombay the city of dreams to make some earnings. They have the same dream to make some money and make their life better. However, once they reach to this land of dreams, they find everything going just the contrast what they have woven in their minds since long. They have to face tough realities and their miseries bring them to take up odd jobs. Rakhi is seen taking up the dance job at Bombay’s dance bar, while Deepak is trapped in the maze of black money.

The direction of Hansal Mehta really ads extra edge to the movie, while both the lead characters played by Raj and Patralekha seemed really good. The performance of Rajkummar is really captivating wherein he is seen transforming his style, speech and mannerism to a different level and showcases some of his best performances. Indeed, this national award winning artist really deserves applauds. One of the best scene, which will move you is the one when he comes drunk to his wife and then seen breaking down. Patralekha who has played the wife of Rajkummar though is new in the acting world and Citylights is its debut movie is seen really cool. Indeed, you can call her the treasure trove of skills and talents. With such a performance, she has blocked her good days in Bollywood for sure.

One of the interesting performances comes from Manav Kaul who has played the coworker at the security firm where Raj is seen engaged. He has really played the character with all his heart and soul. He is seen so confident about his performance that you would really love to see in the movie. If you dig deep the movie, the real character of Hansal Mehta (director of the movie) would be visible somewhere. His life and struggle is showcased in a very beautiful way. In this movie he has relentlessly collected all his pain and has thus poured it perfectly in a glass, which Rajkumar has neatly drunk. In nutshell, Citylights is a tough and unrelenting movie, which keeps it away from being blown sentimentally. It is not a movie based on Mumbai city, but has the potentials of beating you down when you are seen lone and broken. Thus you are taken into its arms with love and compassion- that’s the movie- Citylights.

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