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CHIRMI EVENTS- The Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore

CHIRMI EVENTS- The Best Wedding Planners in Bangalore

You have dreamed about your wedding day your whole life and you don’t want it to be just another event in your life. You’re ready to transform your ideas and dreams into a reality but you’re not sure where to start. You want clarity, guidance, support, in this beautiful wedding journey.

Enter Chirmi Events.

We help you to surpass the ordinary by creating a wedding that evokes elegance over opulence. Infusing your story and personality into your wedding day to create a breath-taking, meaningful and unforgettable experience.

We at Chirmi Events help curate celebrations that establish your ethos as a couple or a family. As modern day event planners and creative event designers, our goal is for you to feel supported, inspired and happy throughout the planning process. So you can enjoy every moment.

We hear you and we are here to support you through all of this and we will take care of every detail that you don’t want to! It’s what we live to do!

Our approach is always a collaborative one, we’re here to guide and support you to create that wonderfully visual, sensory and emotive experience you dream of. Together, we dig deep into the heart of your vision, and uncover your own authentic story. Then we help you tell it through a captivating and compelling event design, infused with personal touches and considered details.

As event designers we are inspired by the beauty of natural surroundings and wide open spaces, our style is organic, elegant and understated. Our design ethos is one of understated elegance, effortless luxury and artful refinement, and it is never overdone or OTT. Our designs are cerebral and honest to inspire conversation, and encourage celebration that leave life long memories.

As new age event planners we offer an undisputed level of personal service, helping you navigate the planning process and the complex layers of design and logistics.

We work hard behind-the-scenes to carefully choreograph every element, so that it all flows effortlessly. We take care of all the nitty-gritty details around logistics, supply team communications, contracts and paperwork, scheduling and everything in between. Leaving you free to focus on the good stuff. Now wake up on your wedding day, feeling excited as all of the details you hadn’t even thought of have been taken care of.

Rooted, chic and simply unforgettable – that’s your wedding!

From our experience of planning weddings, you want all of the stress taken away from you so that you can enjoy your day and actually experience it as your guests experience it. Looking back on your wedding journey you want to feel that you were able to relax and take in all of the little details that made it so special.

of our key focus areas are listed below:

∼ Seek out the finest materials, the highest quality craftsmanship and the most skilled artisans to bring an event to life.

∼ Believe passionately in the power of design to transform a space and create a truly mesmerising experience for all who enter it.

∼ Are laidback in our approach, yet rigorous in our management. You will see often see us laughing and smiling, because we love what we do and we don’t believe in stress. Adrenalin – yes, stress – no way.

∼ Believe in constantly thinking afresh and will always put our own unique spin on trends or design influences.

∼ Have an uncompromising attention to detail and believe in checking, questioning and refining to get to the perfect solution.

∼ Approach challenges with curiosity. Thinking always – how do we make this happen for our clients. We rarely concede something can’t be done, it’s just about looking at it creatively.

“We approach each event with a fresh and individual outlook. Our focus is to help you plan and style your event with creativity, elegance and taste to make it a unique, special and memorable day, true to your vision.” Says Bhumika Nahata – Founder – Chirmi Events:


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