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Children inherit anxiety from parents: Study

If you are wondering whether your behaviour full with anxiety has to do with your own as parents think twice? As per the new study all your anxious behaviour are more likely to affect your kids the most or passed on to them if you have been suffering from the same. As per the new study conducted by University of Wisconsin, the over active brain circuits that are involved in the three brain areas of human being are seen getting affected the most by developing anxiety and depressive disorders. The same study also showcased that the elevated activities found in the prefrontal-limbic-midbrain are also seen getting involved in it.

These are seen in the form of extreme anxiety, anxious temperament seen in the early childhood provided the parents do have the same. The study was conducted by 600 differnet monkeys, which proved that 35 percent of the variation in terms of anxity are seen among the ones who have the family history of such problem. Surprisingly, all these studies were found with the function of these brain structures and certainly not due to their sizes, which were seen responsible for the genetic transfer of an anxious temperament.

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