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Chhavi Mittal seems to be in a bad shape post delivery: “I’ve gone deaf in one ear”

Chhavi-HusseinThe popular Krishnadasi actress Chhavi Mittal and also an upcoming entrepreneur featuring lovely shows on SIT (Shitty Ideas Trending) has finally announced the arrival of her lil baby on May 14,  but the actress isn’t keeping up in good shape post delivery.

Very recently, the actress posted a pretty disturbing note on the social media revealing the problems she is facing post pregnancy. Chhavi mentioned that she has faced a loss of hearing in ear due to the side effects of the spinal tap, and her feet have also swollen badly.

All through her pregnancy, the popular actress she has been vocal all about her pregnancy woes turning out to be an inspiration for many moms-to-be. However, her latest post, once again proved that her inner strength and positive approach towards life holds a lot of courage in her. She was even seen working on a laptop with her saline drip attached to her hands, captioned: “My feet are so swollen that even flip flops don’t fit. So is the rest of my body. My head hurts like it’ll explode, due to the spinal tap. I’ve gone deaf in one ear, also an extremely rare side effect of the spinal tap. I’m supposed to drink 5 litres of water, and getting up to go the loo takes 15 minutes. Lying down is the only position that gives me comfort, sometimes I even eat in that position. But right now, at 1am, I’m doing some office work, when the baby sleeps and there’s some peace. I know this will pass. This pain will be forgotten. But will the pain that I endured on my soul during the birth be ever forgotten? Sharing my birth story soon, when I feel ready.#birthstory #birth #pain #chhavimittal#mypregnancyjourney #labourroom#ot.”

The actress opened up on her anxieties related to the delivery delay on her Insta account on Mother’s Day, mentioning: “I was really looking forward to being a mother of 2 before this day arrives. I know all of you have been waiting for the good news. But more than all you guys, my patience is wearing thin, because there’s still no sign of labour. And if labour doesn’t knock on my door today, we might have to artificially induce it, which breaks my heart because on one hand the baby’s at risk due to being a post term birth, and on the other hand, the baby’s at risk due to the drugs being pumped in my body for an induction. What does a mother choose?”

The actress very well kept herself busy throughout her pregnancy tenure as well being the co-founder of digital company Shitty Ideas Trending, she was instantly posting new videos on YouTube, regardless of her pregnancy. Moreover, she had a complete house shift, very recently.

Chhavi has named her little munchkin, Arham Hussein. The 34-year-old talented actress got married to Mohit Hussein in 2005 and they also have a beautiful six-year-old daughter together, named Areeza.

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