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Chef Vs. Chef – A Quick comparison of Desi Version with Hollywood Version

Bollywood Chef Vs Hollywood Chef
Bollywood Chef Vs Hollywood Chef

Finally, the much-hyped film of Saif Ali Khan called Chef is releasing today. The film is based on the Hollywood version of the movie with the same title released in 2014. Interestingly, the big brands in B Town have come together to embark with a high profile movie Chef. That brings us to compare and see where the Desi Version of the film stands. Let’s have a quick comparison of the two as under:

Genre: When you look at the genre of the film, they may appear similar still they are different in many ways. The original film is a comedy-drama movie, while the Desi Version is drama and drama in it with less of comedy elements.

Performances: Both the films (original and desi) seem to have good performances. In the original movie, the actor Jon Favreau as Carl Casper has done a fantastic job and so is Saif Ali Khan while playing the character of Roshan Kalra.

Content: The content of both the films is rich and soothing. You have lots of mouth-watering dishes to see apart from getting the lessons on the relationship. The father-son relationship has been dealt with great care and portrayed the best. In a sense, the Desi Version is more potent than the original. Thanks to Saif Ali Khan who has given a powerful impact on his character.

Chef  Vs. Chef The Last Word

Both the films are phenomenal. Though adopting a Hollywood movie and embarking with a desi version is a risky affair but thanks to the dexterous makers, the Chef of B Town is marvelous and a treat to our eyes, ears and other senses. Good job there from the makers to match up the standard of their filmmaking skills with the Hollywood filmmakers. Chef in a way has surpassed the expectations of the audience.


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