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Check out the inside pictures of the Bigg Boss 15 house which will have a combination of jungle and luxury!

Salman Khan, the show’s host, introduced the audience to the jungle theme in the show’s first promo. It has kept the audience speculating whether the participants will stay in the jungle or whether the jungle will be transported to Bigg Boss 15. Is it going to be extravagant or will it just have the essentials? And now, without any guesswork, we present you with all of the answers. Here are some images of the Bigg Boss 15 home, which will feature a jungle and luxury theme.

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Bigg Boss is typically full of surprises, and this season’s house is no exception. The home this season is a gorgeous jungle that will take the competitors on a wild voyage, combining luxury and difficulty.

Omung Kumar and Vanita Omung Kumar, outstanding artists and filmmakers, have once again designed the set. Here are the areas that candidates will have the opportunity to explore this season.

As the garden area morphs into the jungle, there is going to be a lot of dangal and drama. The jungle emanates beauty and eeriness at the same time, with lush green trees, magnificent hangings, grass, a swing hanging from the bark, and a Khufiya Darwaza. Pink lotuses have been elegantly placed in a pool that resembles a pond. The whispering tree of temptation VishwasunTREE, which sits right in the centre of the jungle, adds to the beauty of the jungle.

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As one enters under the garden-style arch, they are greeted by the main house, which is nothing short of a beautiful treat. The non-jungle section of the house is the epitome of beauty, with stunning animal motifs, prints, paintings, and floral wallpapers. You’re perplexed by a massive flamingo building created in the midst of the living room. The huge crown hanging from the ceiling gives the other side of the room a regal aura. With the adaptable Fornasetti art prints, crystals, and lighting, the kitchen has an ultra-modern aesthetic.

WhatsApp Image 2021 10 02 at 11.11.30 AM

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When you’re in the confession room, every word you utter, every declaration you make, matters. This site has numerous secrets, whether it’s nominations, chats, or deepest confessions. This season, the candidates are given a comfortable couch and chair with plenty of purple and maroon cushions, all of which are overshadowed by an illuminated giant crown.


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The Bigg Boss house has been designed to give candidates a taste of the countless sankats they will encounter right from the start.

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